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Wedding Videographer Florida Keys
Wedding Videographer Florida Keys
Wedding Elopement in Key West

Hi! I am Sheila Bockoven and I work along side with my husband Carson! I also have a beautiful daughter named Chassi and a chocolate lab puppy named Cheeca.

  My husband and I live for making videos, if we are not filming for a job we are filming and editing on our spare time for our YouTube Channel Conchatized. We were both born and raised here in the Keys and the ocean is part of who we are.

  That is where we came up with the name Conchatized. When you are born in the keys you are called a Conch, we call it Conchatized because we feel like the Keys changes you and you never want to leave.. you are basically hypnotized by the ocean and beauty around you! :) 

  We take every moment we can to capture the beauty of the keys during your special day because we know there is a reason you picked getting married here over any where else in the world! 

Florida Keys wedding videographer

I started filming and editing video when I was a young kid. My mom booked my first wedding when I was 16, over 15 years later I am still following this dream. :)  My Dad is also a professional camera man... he travels the world filming extreme things, mostly shark week stuff.. I have had the opportunity to work in the production life with him filming and editing for some top companies in the world. My dad always taught me to follow your heart and do what you love and that is why I am here today and I feel so blessed to be able to work along side with my soul mate.! <3 

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